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Horizon Property Management, LLC, located in Cockeysville, Maryland, is a third-party management company responsible for the operation, control, and oversight of residential and commercial real estate in the Greater Baltimore area.

Horizon Property Management, LLC is a Gebhart Properties company. Gebhart Properties is a long-established and locally-owned multi-family and commercial property developer and manager. Gebhart Properties has over 75 years of successful industry-leading development and managerial experience spanning two generations. Its signature properties include Briarcliff Apartments, Cranbrook Shopping Center, and Satyr Hill Shopping Center.


Horizon Property Management prides itself in providing a unique property management style. Landlord-tenant relationships are most often seen as adversarial in nature. We at Horizon Property Management do not subscribe to this view, and we believe that creating a “win-win-win” environment for landlords, tenants, and owners is the key to successfully managing properties.


Naturally, this requires a little more dedication to the selection and qualification of tenants. Tenants who “win” are more likely not to move or relocate, which is a “win” for the property management team who then avoids costly lost rent, rehabilitation of rental units, redecorating, tenant improvements, and brokerage fees. The reduction in these historic areas of property management loss is a “win” for owners who experience better long-term property value appreciation and cash flow.


The management philosophy has worked well for Gebhart Properties for over 75 years, and Horizon Property Management can make it work well for your properties as well. Prospective Horizon Property Management clients can always see our Gebhart Properties management philosophy in action by visiting those properties we own and manage.

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